Why a virtual pa can be more productive

A Virtual Assistant can be more productive than an employee

After chatting to my colleagues here at JH Virtual Assistant, here are our top 3 best things about being a Virtual Assistant.

1. Working from home. We can set up our offices as we choose and we have the opportunity to work flexibly. Think about how ready we feel for work without a long and stressful commute. No more dreaded work canteen or bringing the same thing everyday to eat at lunch as we have more options at home. Having a better, more flexible work environment makes for happier, more enthusiastic workers.

2. Working with lots of different businesses. Our work is always interesting as we get to learn about many different types of businesses and how they operate. You may think that we would be lonely as we do not have work colleagues present, however we are constantly liaising with our clients, customers, suppliers and colleagues. We find that we speak to more people in a day then we would in a conventional office.

3. Helping business succeed whilst running our own. It’s a great feeling to be working with other businesses, helping them thrive and improve. There’s also a great deal of satisfaction in running our own business.